Practice Areas

New Albion Geotechnical provides independent analyses, technical project consultation, and/or internal/external peer review for challenging applications involving major civil works. Specific areas of specialization include: 

Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering
  • Seismic hazard assessment
  • Ground motion characterization
  • Dynamic soil response
  • Liquefaction and cyclic degradation potential of soils
  • Slope stability and earthquake-induced ground failure
  • Ground failure
  • Dynamic Soil-Foundation-Structure Interaction
  • Mitigation of seismic and geologic hazards

Advanced Geotechnical Site Characterization
  • Development of site characterization investigations
  • Integrated in-situ and laboratory testing programs
  • Geophysical applications for dynamic soil properties
  • Evaluation of static and dynamic soil behavior
  • Cyclic testing for earthquake engineering applications
  • Characterization of static and cyclic soil properties for sophisticated numerical modeling
Numerical Analysis of Dynamic Soil-Foundation-Structure Interaction
  • Port waterfront structures
  • Bridge Foundations and Abutments
  • Earth structures
  • Deep foundations
Deep Foundations
  • Capacity evaluation
  • Axial and lateral performance assessment
  • Static and dynamic testing
Soft Ground Engineering
  • Soil and site characterization
  • Staged-construction of earth structures and foundations
  • Time-dependent behavior of foundations
  • Ground treatment and foundation stabilization
Performance of Earth Structures and Slopes
  • Static and seismic performance
Construction Vibrations
  • Monitoring
  • Evaluation
  • Mitigation
Impact of Natural Hazards on Major Civil Infrastructure
  • Multi-hazard assessment for extreme events (seismic, geologic, flood, hurricane)
  • Multi-disciplinary risk reduction evaluation