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Founder / Principal Engineer

Stephen Dickenson, Ph.D., P.E., D. PE, founded New Albion Geotechnical, Inc. in 2008, where he serves as President and Principal Engineer. Dr. Dickenson has been active in geotechnical engineering research, education, and professional practice since 1985. His international consulting and applied research have focused primarily on geotechnical earthquake engineering applications for maritime and surface transportations systems, lifeline networks, tall buildings, and major civil works.

Dr. Dickenson actively participates on professional committees charged with developing seismic guidelines for port waterfront structures and lifelines infrastructure, with incorporation of performance-based design principles. These efforts have contributed to numerous consulting projects and multi-year research efforts on dynamic site response, liquefaction susceptibility of sands and silt deposits, seismic slope stability, and dynamic soil-foundation-structure interaction (SFSI). He has also led several post-earthquake reconnaissance investigations that focused on ports, harbors, coastal infrastructure, and major bridges (e.g., 1989 Loma Prieta, 1995 Kobe, 2001 Nisqually, 2007 Kashiwazaki, and 2011 Tohoku earthquakes), and served as project advisor on numerous post-earthquake seismic performance and forensic investigations.    

Dr. Dickenson is a licensed Professional Civil Engineer (Oregon, California, Nevada, Washington), and a Board Certified Professional as Diplomate of Port Engineering (D. PE), ACOPNE.

A partial bibliography of technical papers addressing geotechnical earthquake engineering topics and seismic performance assessment, seismic guidelines, standards, and codes is provided below.

As Senior Consultant and Peer Reviewer on major civil works projects Dr. Dickenson diligently works with the design teams to facilitate efficient and high-quality engineering, innovation, and positive outcomes in the best interest of the client and public at-large.  


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